DB Labs Absolut Nanoceramic Coating provides industry leading UV and stain protection to automotive and marine finishes. Once applied, sealants & waxes are no longer necessary. Absolut provides an ultra high-gloss, hydrophobic surface. This allows your vehicle to stay clean longer. Washing and caring for your vehicle has never been easier.

Since the introduction of ceramic coatings in the U.S., ceramic coatings have provided unparalleled protection in the automotive sector. With so many coating options and brands to choose from in our market today, it can be taxing to choose a product that backs up its claims.


Absolut provides resistance against stains from bug splatter, bird droppings and hard water stains. It achieves this resistance through nanotechnology, the science of manipulating particles at the near-atomic level to create a durable structured layer of protection over your vehicle's exterior surfaces. It’s proprietary formation allows more ceramic solid content to cure to the surface. This forms a stronger chain of nano-particles compared to any other coating on the market. This means a thicker layer of protection, and a high gloss finish that transforms your vehicle’s appearance.

Absolut was created by professionals, for professional users. It can be applied to paint, wheels, plastic, and matte finishes.

Premium Surface Protection

Absolut provides

Extreme Chemical & Stain Resistance

Anti Graffiti

Ultra High Gloss Finish (enriches matte finishes without altering sheen)

UV & Thermal Protection

Multi-Layerable for a thicker coating providing extended longevity

Hydrophobic Effect (makes for easy cleaning)

Adds 9H+ Paint Hardness